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With the strong support from the relevant authorities and regulators, China Huarong (the “Company” or “Huarong”) successfully priced its US$1.9bn offshore senior bond offering on May 23. It is the Company’s largest offshore financing in the last 2 years and the largest USD bond offering at the lowest cost by a Chinese asset management company since February 2018. In addition, it is the largest USD bond offering in Asia ex-Japan by a financial institution and the largest USD bond offering by a Chinese state-owned enterprise since September 2018.
On April 12, China Huarong held the conference on its first quarter (Q1) business results analysis & core business growth in Beijing. Mr. Wang Zhanfeng, Secretary of the CPC Huarong Committee and Chairman, delivered an important speech, and Ms. Li Xin, the President, made a report on business operation of the first quarter at the conference hosted by Mr. Ma Zhongfu, the Chief Supervisor. Relevant department director from the National Audit Office attended the meeting. Other members of the management team, company directors, supervisors, heads of the HQ departments, local branches and subsidiaries in Beijing were also present. Other staff attended the video conference at sub-venues.
On 28 March 2019, China Huarong announced the audited annual results for the year ending 31 December 2018. On the following day, the company held the 2018 annual report conference in Hong Kong. The company’s Chairman, Mr. Wang Zhanfeng, the President, Ms. Li Xin, and the Secretary to the Board of Directors, Mr. Wang Wenjie, as well as GMs from the Board Office and the Planning and Finance Department attended the conference. More than 80 representatives from domestic and overseas leading investment banks, large investment institutions and rating agencies attended the conference.
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